Lemons in the Room

I am working together with the team of Lemons in the Room for different projects as a Game and UX Designer.


Pargolino is a healthcare bracelet for babies. Parents can monitor their children’s health through the app. I proposed the initial design for the app, based on the requests of the development team. We wanted an easy to read interface that could give immediate feedbacks to the parents on the overall health of the baby. In addition to that we added the the opportunity for the parents to check the details about the single health aspects if they wanted to, and some customization features to make each user feel unique (take a look here).


MediLearn360 is an applied games project. The goal is to give new graduates the opportunity to experience hospital circumstances without the risks that come from working with real patients and equipment, but with all the advantages of a practical approach. We not let the new doctors study different problems that can occur in their everyday job, but we simulate those situations, so that they can freely act in a safe space. I worked on the UX and game design of a VR simulation of an ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), as a presentation of the possibilities of this project.


Lemovie is a VR video player for oncological and other kinds of bedridden patients, that have to spend their day in the same room. With this project we would like to give these people the possibility to experience natural and anthropic landscapes, like mountains, seasides and cityscapes. I worked on an initial simple UX based on the requests of the development team (take a look here). If you want to delve more into Lemovie development, take a look here for updates on the projects.